Living in Paradise through a pandemic

These days are pretty hard on everyone regardless of where you live. Our life here in Paradise was hit hard by the lockdowns, quarantines and restrictions all around.

Immediately after our first case, the schools closed for 6 weeks. Bam! Everyone worked from home while caring for their kids. In a week’s time we were under complete lock-down with no option to leave our house. to be honest, it only lasted for 48 hours while the authorities made a plan, it was more like a “go to your room and think about what you did” kind of thing.

Right now, the borders to our island are completely closed. No air traffic, no ships, nada! and the cases still rise by an average of 1 or 2 daily. In the meantime, we sit at home, only go grocery shopping on our allowed Mon/Wed/Fri and try to keep our sanity while helicopters hover over the coastline and police lights can be seen all the time during the night’s hard curfew.

No worries! Life in Paradise goes on!

One thought on “Living in Paradise through a pandemic”

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